Have you ever wanted to be a Youtuber and record you and your friends playing video games? That chance is now offered at Rebel's Gaming! Rather you want to do it for fun, or to try and become a full time Youtuber like Game Grumps and others. Here is a full list. Xbox One, Xbox 360, Org. Xbox, PS3, PS2, PS1, NES, SNES, N64, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advanced, Gamecube, Wii, Wii U, Genesis, Dreamcast, Colecovision, and Intellivision. This list now allows you to record on any video game system!!!!  You can bring your own games from home that you want to record or use the vast choices in the Rebel's Gaming library. The rates are
$15 for the first hour. This means that if you record for 20 mins you pay $15. This is broken down in $5 for the editing of the voice recording and the video, including YouTube intro added in. The other $10 is for the usage of the mic(s), and recording software.
$10 will be added for every hour after that. This means if you are recording for 1 hour and one minute the total will be $25.
$5 for each addition person that you want. If you have two friends you want to record with for 35 mins. That is $15 for the 35 mins and this includes you, plus you have two friends that is an added $10 so the three of you would cost $25.
$5 for created a YouTube intro. These take a lot of time to create and render and not a lot of computers can handle the creation of these so there is a fee for us to create on with your name on it. The good thing is that once it is rendered it is usable in all the videos you make we will just splice that into the beginning of each video. This is a one time charge of $5.

If you are interested in recording at the Rebel's Gaming headquarters please contact us via email (rebelsgaming@yahoo.com), comment, text, call, or message.
This is a great way for you to grow as a YouTube it is how Markiplier got started was by using the Game Grumps studio.

Join In On The Fun

Rebel's Gaming is the place for all your gaming needs rather it is a huge selection of video games to custom controllers, from comic books to trading cards, from pool to an arcade machine. We buy sell and trade video games and as our stock is changing everyday sometimes you will see a game that you want and then other days you will not. We are humans and we are not perfect it is impossible to keep popular games in stock, but one thing we do promise is to give you the fairest price possible. If you come into our store, or go to our website, or check out our Facebook page and you do not see a game you want please message us, call us, text us and ask about it we have suppliers in a different state that work with us and give you the customers the best prices. Trading cards is another great priced thing we have which is 25 cents a card, you can even bring your friend in to play trading cards together at our table with chairs for four people and a gorgeous window view. We have a pool table which costs 25 cents a game. Think that you are skillful at pool shots? Take our Pool Shot Challenge which costs $1 a try, each ball you make you get 25 cents. and if you get all the balls in without scratching or missing you get $5 instead of $3.75. You can also take your chance with a $5 try and each ball you make is worth $1. If you get all balls in without scratching or missing you get $20. Rules: Pay $1 or $5 and you shoot to break, you then shoot again and if you make something in that is 25 cents/$1 depending on how much you paid. Then you keep shooting till you either scratch or miss. If you miss you get the amount that you left off at (example: made 5 balls in you get $1.25) if you scratch you lose all money you have collected (example: made 5 balls in you get $0). Think that you're good at fighting games? Take the Virtura Fighter Challenge and up $20. The rules are simple, try and beat the high score. Each try is 25 cents and you are allowed as many continues are you want. There are 8 stages, each consisting of two rounds. You must beat the game (all 8 stages) and beat the high score in order to win the prize money. If you are able to defeat the bonus stage you will receive an extra $5 bonus. Come on down to Rebel's Gaming and show your skills, or buy some games that are 30% off for our May sale. 30% off sale ends June 01, 2016.