Rebel's Gaming buys your new and used games at the best possible price. It is hard to price a game without actually looking at it but I use the best price guides of all the gaming stores so that I can give you the best deal for the games you are wanting to sell. If you have a game you wish to sell please contact Rebel's Gaming at 515-310-0574 to inquire about the game and get a price range of what it is worth.

Rebel's Gaming will be adding another choice for people that want to sell games and systems to us. I tossed the idea around in my head since the creation of the company but I think this new system will do just what I wanted to do along with help with the store's inventory. I understand that a lot of customers come in and are looking for PS4 games or Xbox One games and we are most of the time out or have very slim pickings. The way we work is we work off the stock we get from other customers, so by that being the main way we get games and systems we sell out of these rather fast because they are popular. If one person sells a PS4 game, and two people come in to buy that PS4 game, only the first person will get to buy that game. To increase the chances of getting a wider range of games we are adding this new system to allow us a bigger stock, help with our over hang, give the customers more for their games, and be able to sell the games customers want. The way that it works is simple. When you sell a game to other game stores you get about 10%-20%, when you sell to us you get 50% but what if there was a chance for you to get 90% of the value? For example if there was a game for $10, other stores would give you $2, we would give you $5 but with this new system you could get $9 for your game. The way that it works is if you have a huge video game collection, or you just have one game and you do not play it anymore, or you just want them out of the house we can help you with that. We will price each item itself so if you have 20 items we will price all 20 items as their own price, then we will pay you 10% up front so if it was $100 worth of items we would give you $10 (that is about the same as the other guys without this extra bonus added on) we will then write down an inventory of the items you sold to us along with your name and phone number, creating a file for you and your items. As the items sell we will set back 80% of the profits, keeping the 10% we paid up front and giving you a total of 90% of your items value instead of just giving you 20% or 50%. So if you bring in $100 worth of items and we give you $10 and only $50 of those items sell in the first week, we keep $5 and give you $40. Now you $40 for items you would of gotten $20 for elsewhere. The increase in your money is huge. That $1,000 collection you had been keeping, and had to settle for $30 at the other guys, now you can get $900 and sure it may take longer to sell, but in the long run you are getting much more. Since my company is based on freedom of choice and the best for the customers we will keep the 50% trade in as well as the 90%/10% to allow our stock to grow. If you choose the 90%/10% your item will be put up online, on the website, and advertised to increase the chances of getting sold. Your item getting sold is just as important to us as it is to you. Thank you for your time, I hope this new policy can help build our stock, our image, and allow us to get the games you all have been looking for and give up the money needed to expand and keep growing as a company for each and every Rebel and Rebelette out there that is tired of being under corporate thumbs.

The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.- Albert Camus