Rebel's Gaming wants to hear you the customer's Ideas and want to be able to use our creative ability to design that one of a kind controller to reflect your personally! Currently some fresh ideas are our superhero controller line with matching LED.


Captain America

Green Lantern



The Punisher


Batman Beyond

The Riddler

The Joker

The Flash




Contact us using the form at the right to order any of these or to give your own fresh ideas for controllers.

Rebel's Gaming does custom controllers! The way this works is simple, browse  the different designs, choose a custom shell you like, to place an order email Rebel's Gaming by way of the contract form on this page. Once the order is placed bring your controller you wish to have customized to Rebel's Gaming (if you wish to have an entire controller customized where you do not provide the controller with circuitry inside then it is more expensive), along with the controller half of the total charge is required as a down payment and to be able to get the supplies needed to customize the controller. Example: Pete wants a $25 shell and $25 guide button to be added to his controller, since the total is $50, Pete would bring his controller and $25 cash to Rebel's Gaming. Once the controller is complete Rebel's Gaming contacts Pete and Pete brings the other half of the payment. Rebel's Gaming gives the final customized controller to Pete in exchange for the final payment.

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